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Tue, May. 25th, 2004, 12:43 am
melbournite: (no subject)

Darkstar meeting for Monday May 24, 2004

“Minutes” taken by Brittany

Members in attendance: Brittany, Danielle, Chris, Hans, Sean

Elections/Officer Issues:

President: Chris
Vice President: Sean
Treasure: Daniel
Secretary: Brittany

It was noted that we don’t have the position of Secretary as such under the “old constitution” (http://darkstar.ucsd.edu/history/index.shtml) which we are currently under, having revoked the “new constitution” (http://darkstar.ucsd.edu/rules/20010228-Darkstar-Constitution-Approved/20010228-Darkstar-Constitution-Approved.html). In fact, we have the Dark Lord/Dark Lady, which corresponds to the title of President, and then the Chief Wraith, Runemaster, and Devil’s Advocate, each of which may or may not correspond to anything else. We should look into deciding what title means what, and possibly amending the constitution.

It was also suggested that we have an office for someone to keep track of committees, who is in them, what they are supposed to be doing, and so on and so forth. A tentative title of “Master of Committees,” to be replaced at a later time by something more in keeping with the other titles, was suggested, and Christina nominated for the position.

Computer Issues:

There is not a lot of extra space on the Darkstar server. To help solve this:
- Unused accounts will be deleted (who and what is the farm co-op, and why do they have an account on our server?)
- A new hard drive might be nice, as the current one is 500mb (does anyone have an unused hard drive which is larger than that?)
- Also, we are going to implement a spam filter which will delete spam, and hopefully not delete things which are not spam

It would be nice if the website had a few more things, such as:
- A calendar that is updated more often (I volunteered to do this, but need the password, hint hint). It would also be neat if the calendar could somehow have an email reminder built in to email the list a few days ahead of events.
- New information, because Kyle is no longer the president/dark lord and hasn’t been so for a year now
- Some kind of message board thing. (along similar lines, I thought it would be interesting to make a livejournal community or some such – less to actually post things there, and more because I personally would be interested Darkstarites’ journals. I get to put side notes like this in because I’m the one taking the notes. Neat, huh?)
- Pictures, new things, updated more often in general (I wouldn’t mind doing things like this either, in a kind of “email me if you want anything added to the website” way)

The OS that’s going to be put on the computer (not the server) in the office is almost certainly not going to be Windows. If you need it to do anything in particular, ie. scanning, email… someone… about it.

Guido’s email hasn’t been checked in about two years, so we need a new one. A new Guido, that is, not email account. It was suggested that Adam just pick someone to do it.

Office Upkeep:

To those people who are around and willing during the summer: we need volunteers for office hours!

For those people holding office hours: we need suggestions for food they would like in the office. Email the business list if you have any suggestions. John Andrews has a Costco card and therefore one way or another will probably go sometime to get food for the office.

Random list of things it would be neat to get done sometime in the next year:

Gaming tournament/insignificant games contest, with things like pool, ping pong, etc.

A 25th anniversary party. Yes, it’s already past the 25th anniversary, but it was noted that in the constitution (though, since discovered that that was the “new” constitution, which we are no longer using) we can vote to suspend the rules of reality. So the matter of a few years either way doesn’t really matter. Besides which: “If Douglas Adams can call five books a trilogy…” (another side note, May 25th is Towel Day. http://www.systemtoolbox.com/towelday/). It was also noted that the 27th anniversary might actually be cooler, being a cube instead of just a square.

The next meeting will be held Monday, June 14th, at a time and place TBA, but most likely 7:30 in the office.

At 8:20pm, the meeting was called to disorder, and then it was voted to suspend reality in order to cause the meeting to be called to disorder at the actual beginning of the meeting.

At 7:30pm, the meeting was called to disorder. Please refer to the beginning of this email.

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