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Wed, Jun. 1st, 2005, 09:41 pm
melbournite: Darkstar meeting minutes

Members in attendence: Sean, Jake, Daniel, Chris, Kevin, Brittany

Sean moves to bend the rules of reality to say that this is the month of May. Motion seconded and passed. It is now the 32nd of May. And we can hold elections in the very merry month of May.

We are now holding elections. Brittany is nominated for president, as is the mermaid. Brittany wins, 3 to 2, with one abstention, and after much discussion.
Christina was nominated for vice president. Christina wins unanimously.
Sean, the stereo cable, and the cue cat were nominated for secretary. Sean wins, with 4 votes, and the cue cat and the stereo cable each had one vote.
Daniel was nominated for treasurer, and won with 5 votes for, and one abstention.
Dominic was nominated for booth babe, and won unanimously.

New officers for next school year:
President: Brittany
Vice President: Christina
Secretary: Sean
Treasurer: Daniel
Booth Babe: Dominic

It was noted everything is the same except that Sean and Brittany have switched positions.

Sun God: In light of the fact that someone got hit in the head with a skeet thingy at Sun God, we should invest in some side board things for next year, and possibly create pockets for the backs of the holes.

There was some discussion of fundraisers. Nothing was actually decided, except that perhaps we'd like to do that once a quarter. Daniel is going to talk to Rebecca about that.

It has been suggested that since the SCA wants the cabinet that the games are currently in, we might be able to trade the space they currently have in the shelves for the cabinet space.

We should also clean the office sometime.

The conversation has moved off onto the tangent of linked lists, arrays, and array lists.



Right, back to office cleaning thoughts.

Jake got yarn porn. Naked yarn! Daniel looks broken.

The next irregular movie series will be the Incredibles and Spiderman 2.

The office work party will be SATURDAY JUNE 25TH.

Rebecca had the suggestion of some students-only events.
Recruitment might involve:
-dinner at Rock Bottom, followed by Serenity during first week. (Discussion of Firefly and borrowing followed.)
-open house
-advertisement in the SOLO booklet
-advertisement in Student Flyers

Much discussion of Buffy the Vampire Slayer happens, and a bit of The Prisoner. And masturbating monkeys.